Civil Litigation

Wallerstein Law is a Los Angeles, California-based business, family  and personal injury law firm helping our clients in California and around the world with transactions, disputes, litigation, intellectual property matters, risk management, and personal injury cases.​

Wallerstein Law is committed to excellent, efficient outcomes for our clients. We represent clients on a wide array of issues, including business transactions, business litigation, copyright and trademark issues, entertainment industry matters, and defamation.

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical, honorable, and vigorous client representation.

We are committed to learning about the individualized business and personal needs of our clients in order to create the best possible outcomes.

Our approach to client service is transparent, aggressive, sophisticated, and efficient.

We offer experienced counsel, but the final decision always belongs to the client.

Our reviews and referrals reflect the overwhelmingly positive experience our clients have in their representation. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Personal Injury
Wallerstein Law is a top rated, Los Angeles personal injury law firm, that helps victims of accidents get the compensation they deserve.  Every single one of our attorneys is recognized, as a leader in the field – both by the media, and lawyer ranking platforms. You can trust our experience.

Our firm was founded on the principle of concierge customer service. We provide the same level of service, for each and every client. We never charge upfront fees, and only get paid if, and when, we win your case. We offer all clients a risk free initial consultation, whether it be at their home, hospital, or place of employment. We can even do it over the phone. We are dedicated to helping you recover.

Contracts & Agreements
Contracts can be verbal, written, or implied by the conduct of the parties. Rules govern when contracts must be in writing, when amendments and modifications can be written or oral, and whether representations that induce contracts are enforceable or not. To understand and navigate those rules requires competent counsel. The experienced professionals at the Wallerstein Law know the importance of enforceable contracts. Business runs on agreements between competitors, suppliers, those working together and those agreeing to disagree. When disagreements are irreconcilable, when the writings are uncertain or changed over time, when one party commits a breach of contract or fails to carry out what the contract states should be done, prompt advice of counsel is the best course. Inaction, doing nothing, can waive rights. Wallerstein Law can evaluate and promptly respond to address breaches, ambiguities, defenses, excuses for breach of contract, duress, fraud and misrepresentation, mistake, lack of consideration, the statute of frauds. Contract disputes can be draining, time consuming and costly. Early advice of counsel most often saves time and money.


In California, the tort of wrongful interference with a prospective business advantage often requires an understanding of contracts, contract clauses, dispute resolution provisions, integration clauses, scope of work provisions, termination clauses. Whether consideration is adequate to support a contract, whether and how disputes are to be resolved, are all considerations that present challenges for a business whose survival may depend upon the expertise of counsel. The lawyers of Wallerstein Law have provided that expertise in resolving contract litigation and contract disputes for many years