The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis program is now accepting applications for temporary and annual commercial cannabis licenses for cultivators, nurseries, and processors.

Annual Cannabis Cultivation Licenses are year round and to complete the annual license application you will need to submit Live Scan fingerprints for each owner.
Temporary licenses are valid for 120 days, with the possibility of extensions, if warranted.
Both Annual and temporary licenses can be applied for online at the California Department of Food & Agriculture’s website (

Annual growers are required to use California’s Cannabis Track-and-Trace system which records the inventory and movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the commercial cannabis supply chain – from cultivation to Sale.

Temporary cannabis licensees are not required to use the system, but instead are required to keep a record of all sales and transfers.

For more information about obtaining a commercial growing license, visit the California Department of Food & Agricult