The company has settled a legal spat with the beach city over allegations that Bird failed to secure a business license and did not comply with administrative citations.
The complaint alleged that Bird began operating its scooters without city approval and that it ignored citations asking the company to obtain proper licenses and remove the scooters from sidewalks.
Under the plea, the startup will secure the necessary paperwork and pay more than $300,000 in fines.
There is no excuse for operating an unlicensed business in Santa Monica. It is an incredibly business friendly city and you can apply for a business license online.
Just go to, to review and submit the necessary information.
The cost varies from about $75 for a delivery business to $150 for a vendor business to $475 for an In-City commercial business.
Once the appropriate approvals are received, a business license certificate will be issued.
Contact your local attorney for advice about obtaining a business license in Santa Monica or wherever you wish to do business.