If you have a court order requiring someone to pay you child support or alimony, you shouldn’t have to wait for a check in the mail or hear excuses about why someone can’t pay this month.


You can have the court automatically take the money out of their paycheck. This is known as garnishing of their wages. In order to garnish someone’s wages you’ll need to fill out two copies of form FL-195 –available online– and submit them to the judge in your case who signs them and returns them to you.

Then, you’ll send one copy to the California Disbursement Unit and one copy to the Employer.
Then once the Employer receives and enters the garnishment into their payroll system, they’ll deduct and send it to the California Disbursement Unit who can directly deposit it into your checking account if you provide that information.

That way you will get your support money without have to ask for it every week or wait for checks in the mail. Contact Wallerstein Law to arrange a free consultation at (310) 438-5857